About MISSIONeering

MISSIONeering is a non-profit ministry that develops and provides training materials, consulting and software to churches and non-profit ministries for the purpose of helping pastors and ministry leaders focus on Christ’s imperative to build the Kingdom by making disciples.

Our Calling
For a number of years God was calling Mike Springer, the founder and Executive Director of MISSIONeering, to a mission of servanthood.  This led to the development of projects to assist the Walk to Emmaus and the Kairos Prison Ministry.  But God wanted more - God wanted Mike’s complete trust.

Mike had received a calling on his heart from God in the summer of 2007 that God wanted him to do more than he was doing for the church.  That  was a lot, but Mike became convinced that God wanted the rest of Mike’s life to be totally dedicated on helping churches focus their efforts on bringing people to Christ and guiding them to become real disciples of Christ. As Mike struggled with this calling, God placed people and circumstances in his path that were affirmations that this was the desire of God for Mike’s life. So, in November 2007, Mike left his employment and began working to understand exactly what God wanted of him.

During the early part of 2008, Mike began to receive more specific vision of the role that God wanted of Mike – a vision that involved the gifts that God had given Mike over his life: spiritual gifts of teaching, administration and exhortation and the talent of design and programming of software.

During this time, Mike began to meet and correspond with leaders and pastors of the church growth effort in the United States. This included Dr. Charles Arn and his Engaging Church Seminar, Eric Geiger and his Simple Church book, Dr xxxxxx and his books and seminar on Church Leadership, and Dr. Virginia (O) Bassford - senior pastor of Alliance United Methodist Church and an expert in relationships and change in churches.  These seminars, conversations, readings and communications were instrumental in building a growing understanding of the great need to help the pastor and the church focus on the calling of Christ to go make disciples.  Mike began to understand the need as one that provided the tools (training and software) that allows the pastor to focus once again on their calling from God when they went into their ministry.