DiscipleME software - Free Edition

The Free Edition of DiscipleME provides the complete capability of the full version for the process of Attracting visitors to your church.  This portion of DiscipleME provides you tools and training in best practices for creating an environment where you are intentionally attracting the unchurched from the community towards your church.


The Free Edition gives you complete access to the Attract (visitors) section of DiscipleME.

To understand the capabilities of DiscipleME, check the Overview and the Features section.

The Free Edition will run on a single computer or a networked computer.  You can upgrade the Free Edition to the Evangelism or Discipleship Edition at any time. The Free Edition does not require connecting to your existing church management software.

While you can use the Free Edition to help your Attracting efforts, you will need to upgrade to the Evangelism Edition in order to take advantage of DiscipleME’s automatic followup up processes to improve your success at getting visitors to return again and again.

You can download and install the Free Edition by clicking the button here. button-round-red-2403 Download .EXE